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I covered the 2017 and 2018 hurricane seasons for Popular Science's website, including Hurricanes Irma, Maria, Florence, and Michael. You can follow my latest posts for Popular Science over at my author page.

  1. October 22, 2018: When flying into a hurricane won't work, meteorologists use these high-tech alternatives
  2. October 19, 2018: This could be the fiercest Pacific hurricane season ever
  3. October 10, 2018: There is simply no precedent for Hurricane Michael
  4. October 10, 2018: Hurricane forecasts can be confusing—here's a helpful glossary
  5. October 10, 2018: Hurricane Michael is slamming into Florida as a devastating category 4
  6. October 8, 2018: Hurricane categories consider windspeed but ignore one of the deadliest effects
  7. September 28, 2018: An uncommon storm called a 'Medicane' is headed for Greece
  8. September 28, 2018: Hurricane Rosa could flood the parched Southwest next week
  9. September 24, 2018: Hurricane Florence helped spin up new storms in the Atlantic 
  10. September 14, 2018: Hurricane Florence's slow creep across the Carolinas is bad news
  11. September 10, 2018: Hurricane Florence could stall out over the East Coast for days, bringing intense flooding
  12. September 6, 2018: Hurricane Florence could be heading for the East Coast—but she's a tough storm to track
  13. September 3, 2018: Tropical Storm Gordon could hit hurricane status before it next hits the U.S.
  14. August 30, 2018: Hurricane season has been quiet so far, but the Atlantic is finally waking up
  15. August 25, 2018: No longer a hurricane, Lane continues to threaten Hawaii
  16. November 11, 2017: The 2017 hurricane season is finally fading away. But what comes next?
  17. October 17, 2017: Dangerous hurricanes come in all shapes and sizes (literally)
  18. October 12, 2017: Hurricane Ophelia is one extremely weird storm
  19. October 6, 2017: Nate could hit the Gulf Coast as a hurricane on Saturday night
  20. October 4, 2017: Another hurricane could threaten the Gulf Coast this weekend
  21. October 3, 2017: The conditions to blame for 2017's wildly destructive hurricane season
  22. September 29, 2017: This hurricane season has been brutal—but it's not over yet. What's coming next?
  23. September 22, 2017: The anatomy of a hurricane
  24. September 19, 2017: Hurricane Maria proves how difficult it is to predict a storm's devastation
  25. September 15, 2017: Stuck in a hurricane? Don't forget to look out for tornadoes.
  26. September 14, 2017: Tropical Storm Jose may leave the U.S. alone—but it's too soon to know for sure
  27. September 9, 2017: What Florida residents should expect from Hurricane Irma
  28. September 7, 2017: The massive, record-breaking Hurricane Irma is on its way to Florida
  29. September 5, 2017: Hurricane Irma threatens the United States with power rarely seen