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The Extreme Weather Survival Manual (2015)

Extreme weather has the ability to leave us devastated, but with the easy-to-follow Extreme Weather Survival Manual you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you. Dennis Mersereau and the editors of Outdoor Life magazine offer their life saving advice to help you survive blizzards, hurricanes, firestorms and much more.


Gawker's The Vane — I maintained the company's weather vertical for 21 months, helping hundreds of thousands of readers every month appreciate and prepare for the worst (and best) nature can throw at us.

Mental Floss — I've contributed more than 100 articles to Mental Floss since 2015, helping the site's readers understand all sorts of weather events and prepare for dangerous storms on the horizon.

Capital Weather Gang — I occasionally contributed to the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang for a couple of years, covering everything from the Philippines' deadliest typhoon to conspiracy theories about weather control.

Forbes — I currently contribute to the science section of Forbes' website, where I translate complicated weather forecasts and analyze important weather information for thousands of readers.

Daily Kos — I began writing in earnest at Daily Kos, where I wrote hundreds of posts beginning in 2010. Most of my weather writing there consisted of "live blogs," in which I would alert readers of impending dangerous weather and keep them updated about what was happening as it happened.

Popular Science — I'm covering the active 2017 hurricane season for Popular Science. I also wrote an article for the magazine's website in August 2016 detailing the potential outcomes of a menacing tropical wave in the Atlantic Ocean as it approached the United States.

TV/Podcast Appearances

WeatherBrains, Episode #528, February 29, 2016

The Weather Channel's WXGeeks, Surviving Weather Disasters, October 11, 2015


"Why Don't You See Pink Sunsets In The Wintertime?", The Hairpin, August 25, 2017

"How To Survive The Worst Weather, From Mudslides To Nuclear Winter," Wired, October 17, 2015

"Experts debate whether Fahrenheit is the right choice," The Weather Network, March 23, 2015

"The National Weather Service Should Be Replaced By Gawker," Slate, August 7, 2014

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