Hi! I'm Dennis and I write about the weather. I've loved the weather since I was a little kid in my playpen mimicking Sam Champion while he delivered the weather on TV. I grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia, and currently live in Reidsville, North Carolina. I graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2014 with a degree in political science and a minor in meteorology. I started writing about the weather at a political website (of all places!) in 2009 and it grew into an unusual but rewarding freelancing career that's taken me from one big publication to the next.

I teamed up with Outdoor Life magazine in 2015 to write a book, The Extreme Weather Survival Manual, to help readers understand the weather and survive in the worst conditions nature can throw at us. The book, published by Weldon Owen, has sold more than 12,000 copies around the world.

I appeared on The Weather Channel's WxGeeks in October 2015 to discuss my book—one of my lifelong dreams fulfilled—and I've appeared as a guest on episodes of the podcasts WeatherBrains and In The Elements.

I taught myself how to use GIS software from scratch in 2014. I'm proud of the weather maps I create to accompany my writing. It brings an aesthetic and informative quality that copying and pasting from other websites just can't match. 

When I'm not writing about the weather or tinkering with maps, I love playing simulator games. When you can't make a perfect world, just create one on a computer. I've probably put in enough hours on Microsoft Flight Simulator to qualify for a virtual pilots license. Cities:Skylines is another favorite.