The Skies Above


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My latest book, The Skies Above, is now available!

Did you know a puffy cloud can weigh millions of pounds? Or that every rainbow you see is unique to you?

Our atmosphere is full of spectacular sights that are always within your reach. Glistening layers of fog, gorgeous sunsets, and brilliant meteors flashing through the sky can light up even the calmest day.

The Skies Above, published by Mountaineers Books, is a celebration of what we overlook when we look up. I was thrilled to work with the editors and illustrators at Indelible Editions to share with you the quotidian beauty of our sky.

Order your copy now and learn about the wonders we take for granted every day.

2022 National Outdoor Book Awards
Silver Medalist, Nature/Environment Category

"This is the sort of book that you can page through time and time again and always find something new and fascinating.  The title says it all.  It is about the skies and what you see when you look up.  The author guides you through each of the seasons and the science behind thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, rainbows, and much more.  It’s a first-rate reference book, perfect for any outdoor lover’s library." — 2022 National Outdoor Book Awards


"Comprehensive and informative, exceptionally well written and organized, 'The Skies Above: Storm Clouds, Blood Moons, and Other Everyday Phenomena' provides readers with insights and understandings of the processes and events that are in the atmosphere...which not only reduces anxiety produced by raucous storms by understanding what is happening and why, but instills a stronger and more meaningful appreciation of the beauty of days both stormy and calm weather." — Midwest Book Review

"The Skies Above is really the guide I need, a fun and readable overview of what we can observe by looking up. It covers everyday weather, major meteorological phenomena and astronomy. It’s a comprehensive go-to guide, perfect for a summer evening or camping trip." — Matthew Miller,'s Cool Green Science

"The Skies Above explains nearly any and everything weather-related.... I found the book enlightening and a worthwhile source to have accessible when I see a cloud that I can’t identify or wonder about how the wind works and its effect on our daily weather. The illustrations are the right amount in quantity, the quality is bright and detailed, and they enhance the book overall." — Rachel Dehning, Portland Book Review


  1. I can't wait for the book to come out!

  2. Hi - This is Margaret Benne Smidt, editor of Weatherwise Magazine. Are you making review copies available? We have a contributor who is interested in reviewing your book for the magazine. Please contact me at Thank you!