November 25, 2015

Major Hurricane Sandra Breaks Two More Records, Ocean Just Showing Off Now

Hurricane Sandra became a major hurricane today—as I figured it would, but who's keeping score—packing winds of 115 MPH at the 2:00 PM MST advisory. The storm broke the record for the strongest hurricane we've ever seen so late in the year in the eastern Pacific, and it's the eighth major hurricane in that basin this year, which is also a record. It could get just a bit stronger before it begins a steady weakening trend as it hangs a right and heads toward Mexico. Its moisture will continue streaming into the United States over the next couple of days, exacerbating heavy rain and wintry precipitation over the central part of the country.

Nobody likes a show-off, Pacific Ocean. We get it, you're warm. Give it a rest.

[Satellite Image: NOAA]
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  1. You just don't like talking about west coast weather. You're not fooling anyone.

  2. I think Dennis wants to have an interesting site. Most of the time West Coast weather is boring. The drought is just West Coast weather being even more sleep-inducing than the usual.

    Though we did have 0.44 inches of rain in San Jose these last two days.

  3. Love that you're still hanging in, Dennis. I take my weather with a side of snark.

  4. Really? That's horrible! They should be known of th weather report and take precautions as per need.They can use even instrument to measure wind speed to stay protected.